Headteacher’s Update

Thank you to our pupils, parents, carers, staff and community.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all members of our school community and beyond, including many school leaders both in and outside of Sheffield, for their kind words, best wishes and offers of support following the incident at school on Wednesday.

I am both humbled and proud of how the pupils and staff managed a situation which, on coming into school on Wednesday morning, no one could have expected. The phenomenal support from the community has been hugely appreciated and has helped our pupils and staff manage what was clearly a difficult situation.

I would also like to thank the rapid response by the Police attending school – this was exceptional, and the ongoing support and communication has also been very welcome. I would again like to extend my gratitude for the bravery of staff and visitors in the reception area and for their quick thinking in response to the situation.

The school continues to be both safe and secure, and our pupils and staff continue to be safeguarded effectively.