Independent Studies

Pupils have a variety of websites available for independent study across different subjects. Here are some platforms that cover a range of topics: 

Seneca Learning 

Many pupils will use this website to complete homework for various subjects including Science. It also offers a breadth of subjects including examination specific courses that can be studied at a pupil’s own pace. 


This platform is used across a number of subjects including English to set homework and revision activities for pupils to complete. 

Sparx Maths 

Online maths support and quizzing which is used to set pupil homework based on their performance in most recent assessments. Personalised support and challenge is directed using the Sparx algorithm.  

BBC Bitesize 

Offers resources for students studying at both key stages, covering a wide range of subjects and levels with interactive quizzing. 

Crash Course 

YouTube channel with engaging videos on a wide range of subjects, including history, science, literature, and more. 


Ideal for students interested in learning programming languages through interactive coding exercises. 


A platform for creating and sharing flashcards and study materials across various subjects. This is sometimes used for homework or revision in various subjects. 


A language-learning platform that uses gamification to make studying languages fun and interactive. 

National Geographic Kids 

Provides educational content on science, geography, and culture in an engaging format. 


Features educational videos on various subjects, often accompanied by quizzes and additional resources. 

Remember, the suitability of these resources may vary based on individual learning goals and the specific requirements of the curriculum. Always encourage pupils to explore, ask questions, and seek additional resources when needed or consult their subject teachers.