Child Abduction and Community Safety Incidents

Child abduction is the unauthorised removal or retention of a minor from a parent or anyone with legal responsibility for the child. Child abduction can be committed by parents or other family members; by people known but not related to the victim (such as neighbours, friends and acquaintances); and by strangers. Other community safety incidents in the vicinity of a school can raise concerns amongst children and parents, for example, people loitering nearby or unknown adults engaging children in conversation. As children get older and are granted more independence (for example, as they start walking to school on their own) it is important they are given practical advice on how to keep themselves safe. At The Birley Academy have ensured community safety forms a key part of our safeguarding curriculum. It is important that lessons focus on building children’s confidence and abilities rather than simply warning them about all strangers.

The Birley Academy is committed to ensuring pupils are safe whilst on our site. Robust procedures are in place to help safeguard pupils whilst in our car. Under no circumstances would a child be allowed to leave the academy site with any adult who is not listed on the child’s emergency contact list. It is important parents/carers keep us updated as to who is authorised to collect their child/ren from school.

The Birley Academy works closely with other agencies to ensure a multi-agency approach to supporting the wider community.