Uniform at The Birley Academy 

At the Birley Academy, we pride ourselves in our professional appearance because we take real pride in our school. Our uniform is the symbol of who we are.  

Our vision is to:  

Lead: this involves being role models for others. To realise this goal, our students must feel equal to their peers and a sense of belonging. They must be confident in their appearance and feel empowered to bring about academy unity and greater community spirit. A positive feel among students also leads to a greater affinity with learning and improved achievement. It also serves as a demonstration of our students’ resourcefulness and drive

Correct uniform is also evidence of a students’ adherence to The Birley Way: being Ready so that each student is prepared to be successful. This includes possessing the correct equipment for lessons: pen, pencil, ruler, pencil case, calculator, planner, school bag and- if needed that day- PE kit. 

We expect all of our students to follow our uniform rules, both in school and on their journeys to and from school, as they represent us and our values in the community. 

We ask for parents’ support in ensuring that we work together to maintain the smart and professional appearance of our students.  

Compulsory items 

  • Academy blazer  
  • Academy tie  
  • White shirt. 
  • Black trousers or skirt. 
  • Black shoes. 
  • Bag. 

(Optional items) 

  • Navy blue V-neck jumper. 
  • Outdoor coat. 

Compulsory items: 

  • Academy polo top – from Pinder’s. 
  • Black or navy tracksuit bottoms/leggings – no brand logos.  
  • Trainers – must have a good grip with laces. Not pumps. 
  • Plain navy – blue knee-length games socks. 
  • White sports socks for indoor use. 

(Optional items): 

  • Academy hoodie – from Pinder’s. 
  • Academy shorts – from Pinder’s. 

We ensure that our uniform requirements are: 

  • available affordable at a reasonable cost. 
  • provide best value for money. 

Many items are available from a range of high street shops and stores.  

In addition, uniform can be purchased from Pinder’s schoolwear.  

Pinder’s schoolwear is located at: 

East Mall
Peak Square
Crystal Peaks 
S20 7PQ 

Contact: [email protected] 

Website: Birley Academy | Pinders Schoolwear 

For more information on our school uniform, please read the academy’s school uniform policy.

We gratefully accept any items of good quality uniform that parents may wish to donate once their child has grown out of them. If you wish to donate any items, please contact the academy by telephone or by dropping items off to the academy reception during term time.

Second hand uniform is sold annually at the end of the academic year.

Should students forget an item of uniform, a limited quantity of clothing is available from the attendance office. This must be returned at the end of the school day.

Tutors will check each morning during line-up to ensure students are wearing appropriate uniform. There will be ongoing checks throughout the day by all staff, on corridors and in classrooms.  

If a student is not in the correct uniform, they will receive a sanction in line with the academy’s behaviour policy.

When there is a genuine reason for a student not wearing the correct uniform, for example a medical reason, a member of staff may decide to issue the student with a signed temporary uniform pass. This means that for the duration of the pass, a student will not be sanctioned for wearing incorrect uniform.

Trousers – choice of retailers
• Plain black, tailored trousers – must be full length
and made from standard trouser fabric.
• Must allow for shirts to be tucked in and not tight-fitting.
• Must reach the top of the shoes.
• Jeans, leggings, jeggings and cords are not allowed.
• No stretchy material, flares, skinny style or tight trousers.
• Below are examples of what is not allowed.
Skirts – choice of retailers
• Plain black skirts, should be no shorter than knee length.
• Must allow for shirts to be tucked in and not tight-fitting.
• Not tight or clingy and no shorter than the knee. No Lycra or stretchy material.
• Examples of what is not allowed are shown below.
Shirts- choice of retailers
• Plain long or short sleeved white shirt with top button and collar.
• Top button must be fastened, and shirt tucked in all the way around.
• No T-shirts or football shirts underneath the school shirt.
• Sleeves must not be rolled up.
Shoes- choice of retailers
• Shoes must be plain black, leather (or leather-look), and business-like. They must have flat soles.

• No trainers, canvas shoes, sports shoes or pumps.
• No high heels or boots. No stripes, logos, emblems, colours or coloured soles.
• No metal or plastic logos, metal or plastic bars in or through the laces.
Academy Blazer – Pinder’s only
• Academy grey blazer, badged with school logo.• They must not be removed in lessons except with the teacher’s permission.
Academy Tie – Pinder’s only
• Not threaded and no graffiti.
• Must not be worn with top button of the shirt undone.
• Minimal natural concealer only.

• No bright make-up allowed.
• Heavy or obvious makeup, coloured lipstick or eyeshadow is not permitted and will have to be removed if seen.
• No nail varnish, false nails, false eyelashes or lipstick.
• One pair of small plain stud earrings and a watch.

• Any other jewellery is not allowed.
• No rings, nose studs, tongue studs or other piercings.
• Hairstyles should be professional.
• Those that are considered excessive will not be allowed.
• This may include patterns cut into hair, unnatural vivid colours and unsuitable bows.
• All students require a school bag which can fit A4 workbooks in, a school planner and the other equipment.
• Examples of unsuitable bags.