At The Birley Academy, we take pride in offering a diverse range of extra-curricular clubs and activities tailored to enrich our students’ educational experience.

Our school provides a vibrant array of opportunities beyond the classroom, catering to varied interests and passions. From sports teams fostering teamwork and physical fitness to artistic clubs nurturing creativity and expression, there is something for everyone.  

There are opportunities to delve into subjects like STEM, literature, and debate, encouraging intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.  

In addition, we have our Student Ambassador programme and Student Councils, instilling a sense of social responsibility and leadership. These leadership roles not only complement academic studies but also foster personal growth, teamwork, and a well-rounded development that prepares our students for a dynamic and successful future.  

We invite all our students to explore and engage in these extra-curricular activities, fostering friendships, discovering new talents, and creating lasting memories during their time at The Birley Academy. 

Y11 After School Study Sessions

Music Lessons 

There is an opportunity to have music lessons (additional to the music curriculum lessons) through the Sheffield Music Hub. Students interested in additional music lessons should sign up here: 


Bursaries of 50% (off a 20-minute lesson fortnightly lesson) are available for lessons and FREE music group membership for children living in Sheffield.  To qualify, families must be eligible and/or in receipt of one of the following: 

Children Looked After (CLA) 

Free lessons, instrument hire, music group places and holiday courses are available for looked-after children (for example, children in foster care). 

Student Leadership Roles: 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is a prestigious and internationally recognised programme designed to challenge young people. It encourages personal development and growth through a series of activities focused on four key areas: volunteering, physical fitness, skills development, and adventurous expeditions.  

Participants set personal goals, undertake activities in these areas, and ultimately aim to achieve bronze, silver, or gold awards, showcasing their commitment, resilience, and diverse skills. The programme fosters self-reliance, leadership, and a sense of community involvement, empowering young individuals to explore their potential and contribute positively to society.  

At The Birley Academy we offer the opportunity for students to take part in DofE in Year 9 working towards their Bronze Award and in Year 10 to achieve their Silver Award. 

Bronze Launch Presentation


Sports Leaders

For our committed and enthusiastic students in Year 9 there is the opportunity to take part in the Sports Leader Programme, a valuable initiative organised by the Forge School Partnership. This programme focuses on training students in sports leadership, guiding them through the essentials of the role. Once trained, these students become integral members of the Forge School Partnership Leadership Academy, actively participating in organising various sporting events for both the partnership and our feeder primary schools.

These young leaders contribute their skills to a range of events, including primary sports hall athletics, primary dodgeball, primary orienteering, and primary multi-sports. Their involvement goes beyond our school grounds, as they extend their support to feeder primary schools, enriching experiences and fostering a sense of community.

Dame Kelly Homes Trust

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust is a youth development charity founded on the belief that every young person needs a champion. Just one person believing in you can be the difference between fully committing or quitting. They train up existing and former champions from the world of elite sport to pass on their winning mindset through coaching and mentoring.

At The Birley Academy we have run the Dame Kelly Holmes trust scheme for a number of years. We select students who may be lacking in self-confidence or have other barriers. They work together as a group developing their confidence and team skills to then deliver a sporting event to a local primary school in the summer. Their sporting mentor guides and supports them through the process.

We currently have 16 Y8, Y9 and Y10 students on the programme. 

There is a final celebratory event held at Bramhall Lane with Dame Kelly Holmes in attendance.