Student welfare is a very important part of the pastoral system at The Birley Academy. It is our intention to ensure that every student enjoys coming to school and feels safe by providing an engaging tutor time curriculum. From the first day in school, students become a member of a form group which is based on year groups. Their Form Tutor immediately forges a strong bond with their students and will monitor their academic and personal development.

The Pastoral Leader and Lead Tutors monitor all aspects of students’ performance in school including attendance, readiness to learn, attainment and behaviour. They work closely with Form Tutors in order to develop the following skills:






All students are placed in one of our Houses which also allows them to form close links to other year groups and work in a team outside the usual setting. All staff are attached to a House and the House leaders are led by members of the Leadership team. Our Houses are as follows:

House Led by:
Johnson Mr. D. Casey
Mellor Mr. D. Burnham
Roebuck Miss M. Thomas
Sharman Mr. M. Harrison

The Pastoral Team

Pastoral Leader – Mr. S. Griffiths

Lead Tutor - Mr. L. Mantle

Lead Tutor – Mr. J. Bradley

About us

The school office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm during term time.