The Academy has strict guidelines on dress. All pupils are expected to wear the full Academy uniform, including when travelling to and from the Academy. Parents are strongly advised to ensure they supervise the purchase of school uniform and, where unsure as to the suitability of an item, they contact the Academy in advance.

Academy Uniform

  • Plain long or short sleeved shirt – white
  • Plain trousers or skirt – black. Jeans and cords are not allowed, skirts should be no shorter than knee length. All items should allow for shirts to be properly tucked in and must not be tight-fitting.
  • Academy clip-on tie
  • Academy blazer – grey
  • Plain black socks
  • Plain, sensible black shoes. Footwear must be leather or leather look with flat soles – no trainers, boots, pumps or canvas shoes will be allowed. High heeled shoes are unsuitable and dangerous on our school sites

Optional Academy Uniform

  • Navy blue V neck jumper – sleeves need to be at full length

Additional guidance on shirts, jumpers and blazers

  • Blazers must be worn with the sleeves down
  • Sleeves on shirts, jumpers or blazers must not be rolled up at any time
  • Shirts must be tucked in
  • Only badges issued by the academy may be worn on jackets. Other badges, eg, charity badges, must only be on outdoor coats or bags
  • Consequences can/will be issued for any uniform misdemeanour

Additional guidance on shoes

Only plain black shoes are allowed to be worn with the uniform. No trainers, boots, pumps or canvas shoes will be allowed.

NB – If students are not wearing the correct footwear they will be expected to borrow a pair of shoes from the student information desk – the shoes will be treated with a hygienic spray after each use. Failure to wear the shoes provided will result in an exclusion (refusing a reasonable request).

Outdoor Coats

Outdoor coats should be dark in colour, e.g. black or navy and should have no large logos. Please note, hoodies, fur, denim and studded leather jackets are not allowed.

Outdoor coats should be removed at the entrance to the Academy buildings as outdoor wear is not permitted indoors.


Students require a school bag which can fit in an Academy planner and A4 workbooks.

Compulsory PE Uniform (Year 7 and Year 8)

  • Academy polo top
  • Academy reversible games top
  • Academy shorts
  • Plain navy blue knee length games socks
  • White sports socks for indoor use
  • Indoor trainers – Non-marking sole with laces, providing support to ankle & foot
  • Outdoor trainers – Good grip with laces providing support to the ankle & foot.
    NB – Pumps do not provide adequate support for the foot or ankle
  • Gum shield – for rugby/hockey
  • Shin pads – for football/hockey

Jewellery, make up and hair styles

Jewellery is not allowed, except for one pair of small, plain silver ear studs. Ear rings, rings, nose studs or other piercings/jewellery are not acceptable.

No make-up is allowed for girls and boys in Y7-11; minimal make-up, as decided by the Academy.

Hair styles which are considered ‘excessive’ will not be allowed at the Academy. Hair must be of natural colour and must not be dyed.

Any pupils with long hair must tie it back. Pupils with short hair are not allowed ‘cuts’, shapes or designs.

NB. The Headteacher’s decision is final and binding

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